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Corporate Offices & Businesses

Steer your business into the future


Advantages of using digital displays in the corporate world:

  • No more newsletters! Broadcast company updates and bulletins in a fast, efficient manner. Information can be displayed on all screens at once.
  • Maximize the reach of announcements to your employees regarding meeting times, schedule changes, and other important information without the hassle of emails or calls.
  • Display company news and information in lobbies and waiting areas.
  • Offer an enhanced and attractive experience to your employees and clients.
  • JOIN THE HYPE! This is the latest trend and it is time for your business to get on board!


Where to place your digital displays:

  • Lobby
  •  Waiting Areas
  •  Break Room
  •  Cafeteria
  •  Front Desk
  •  Hallways


Employee Communication:

  • Announce rewards and recognitions
  • Display events, training and company news  
  • Display a company calendar
  • Show motivational quotes
  • Run production videos....


Lobby and Waiting Areas Displays:

Welcome guests and communicate key messages as they enter your facility. Reducing perceived wait times by keeping guests entertained with news, weather, market updates and more.



Display your employee list with title and office location. Office buildings can display the names of all the businesses in their building with their locations. And keep in mind that any and all changes can be made instantly and remotely with a mere click of a button