Fitness Clubs

Fitness clubs offer an ideal environment for digital displays



People spend an average of 45 minutes 3-5 times a week at the gym.  Adding digital displays

to your fitness center will  not only enhance their experience, but it will keep them coming back

for the added entertainment value. In addition digital displays, will attract new members who

will enjoy joining an innovative and ‘smart’ gym.




•Display a list of your classes and schedules

•Promote your special programs and offers for members
•Display vendor ads
•Promote products for sale (gym clothes, energy drinks, protein shakes…)
•Deliver exercise and health tips
•Showcase a brief biography of your personal trainers and instructors
•Display videos on how to correctly use the equipment
•Stream live TV programming
•Play music and music videos






  Ensure that members are aware of the full range of gym

  services available to them by promoting all you have

  available on your displays.







Remember: Digital Signage can be controlled from

anywhere, home, office and mobile devices. It is all

pre-configured and can be updated instantly.